Do you want more traffic and bookings?

Use our expert Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to put your Bed and Breakfast or Gite website at the top of Google and other searches including xml sitemap optimisation and Google Analytics integration.

Here’s an example of one of our optimised Bed and Breakfast clients.  Using the search phrase “best motor racing in France” the La Maison au Coin website beats over 20 million results to place number 1 on the page


When optimizing your site for SEO, we put experts in the shoes of the search engine, allowing them to “see” your site like a search engine does.   We check that all of your menu links feed into Google et al as plain text and they are clickable and valid.

It’s surprising how many folk still look at keywords in the meta of a page as the most important part of SEO.  It’s not and it hasn’t been for some time.  These days the keywords and phrases need to be included in the article itself and in it’s excerpt if there is one. The frequency and order of these words and phrases is highly important.

We use a web spider to crawl your website and provide a valuable insight into how it is put together much more easily and faster than you ever could just by looking at it. We also utilise web master tools on major search engines to view your content as the search engines see it.

We build a valid and tested xml sitemap and optionally upload it to your Google Search account. Once the groundwork is done we are ready to SEO your Bed and Breakfast website right up. 

web crawling

Do you really need SEO?

Accommodation SEO

Try these searches in Google.

best gites in *your town here*

best bed and breakfast in *your town here*

These are known as loose searches where you aren’t targeting a keyword for whatever makes you special.  In these searches your website you should seek to have your website on Page 1 of the results.  It’s more difficult to get to the very top of page 1 because the big online travel agents (OTA) pay a fortune for that privilege. If your own website is not on page 1 then you need SEO.

Next try these searches

gites with a pool in *your town here* l

bed and breakfast with garden in *your town here*

People searching for accommodation in your area are most likey going to qualify there search with something that makes some websites stand out, like swimming pools or free bicycle hire.  You should use SEO to engineer your website so it appears towards the top of page 1 in position 1 to 6.

Note, in the above searches it is your own website that you want to see in the results. Your listing on one of the OTA may come up on page 1 but that just means that the OTA has better SEO than your own website. 

google seo

It is in the interest of the OTA that your website does not appear before your listing on their site!  We can change that.

Getting expert SEO is not as expensive as you’d think.  Our prices start from €25. Why not contact us for an estimate.