We have Virtual Private Servers currently located in GoDaddy data centers in the USA and Europe.  We offer a complete management service including domain management, backup and recovery, performance tuning.  We do not simply resell GoDaddy services, we provide the full hosting service utilising the available infrastructure to it’s maximum potential.

While not a requirement, we highly recommend that your website is hosted on it’s VPS (Private Hosting) as this provides the most flexible and open management of the server with every aspect of serious linux operations being available online.

Should you wish to use a different hosting or even a shared hosting we can help  you decide which is the best option for you.

private hosting

Why Private Hosting?

Private hosting provides all the resources of the server.  The standard server is a powerful linux machine with 4GB of dedicated memory that provides more capacity than any of our competitors.  The advantages include

No impact from other clients’ issues

Maintenance when it’s required, individual schedule

All the servers resources

Regular health checks

Enhanced security

Performance tuning

What's Included?

Our private hosting package is the bees knees and what’s more it’s at cost!  We do not make any profit on the virtual private hosting.  Our management fees are all included in our Website offers and the following options are free

Email – as many as required including antispam

SSL Certicate

gZip compression

Automated backups

Regular penetration testing

Security updates