Get the results you need with an SEO company that has seen it all.  SEO has moved on, keywords are no longer the quick fix to poor results.  Content written or adapted for the SEO of today and the future is our priority.

Social media such as FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest and the rest have transformed the marketing platform into a multifaceted and complex series of advertising sectors.  

We add social meta and OG//image data to all the website content suitable for sharing across all popular platforms.

Our SEO for content and Social Media share services are included in our website as a service offer. Managing your Social Media accounts is an optional extra. 


Search Engine Optimisation

We follow industry standard processes and procedures in ensuring that your website is optimised for SEO with the major search engines.

We ensure only company, product, and location relevant content is published.

We only publish content rich pages.

We update the content regularly – search engines don’t like static sites.

We manage and optimise the site’s metadata.

We create link-worthy sites – search engines love descriptive links.

We create content with a high readability score.

Let’s be honest, SEO is sort of our thing.

Social Media Integration

Integrating SEO into modern websites has suddenly become more complex due to the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation.  We ensure that the website complies with the Regulation while:

Adding social share buttons for suitable content.

Displaying social statistics publicly on the website.

Adding social metadata.

Sharing to popular social platforms.

Optionally we can also manage social media accounts:

Regular posts and updates.

Calls for action and messaging frameworks.